Featured Therapist: Meet Megan!

Meet Megan 

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1. What sparked your interest in bodywork?
Growing up and while playing sports in college I had experienced the positive outcome of incorporating different types of bodywork therapies to my life: body maintenance and healing process'. I got into bodywork with the intention of continuing to connect with others to provide healing and education.
2. What is your favorite part about being a massage therapist? 
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I love seeing the visual transformation of a client before/after a bodywork session.
3.What do you consider your specialty as a Massage Therapist?
It's about consistency and education; recently I've been really into working the anterior neck, chest, and shoulders. We are living in a culture where it's socially common to round our backs and collapse our shoulders down/ inward especially when we are on our phones. I think people underestimate how much we use our hands. So targeting some of these hot spots is a must. The flexors and extensors in the forearms are also a common forgotten working group of muscles that need more work than you realize.
4. What is your ultimate goal as a Massage Therapist?
I want my clients to reap the benefits of feeling like they can communicate their needs to me, so that I can provide a tailored bodywork session for them.