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Wellness Massage

Essentia Signature Massage

Relax and unwind with our Signature wellness massage – the ultimate balance of relaxation and focused attention to areas of minor soreness and tension using your desired pressure (light to medium). Your massage will also include a heated neck pillow and herbal infused hot towel foot wrap to nourish your feet and melt your stress away.

$115/50min $155/80min $215/110min

Wellness Massage

CBD Signature Massage

Drop into an even deeper state of relaxed bliss with our CBD Signature massage. This treatment utilizes an extra strength CBD massage cream, formulated and produced locally by Vital Body Therapeutics. The cream is infused with eight pain relieving herbs – including arnica, ginger, and chamomile – along with organically grown broad spectrum hemp oil. The treatment also includes a heated neck pillow and herbal infused hot towels.

$135/50min $175/80min $235/110min

Wellness Massage

Five Senses Massage

Stimulate all your senses with our most luxurious session. Your session begins with gentle dry brushing, which has been shown to improve circulation, exfoliate the skin, improve lymphatic system function, and even reduce the appearance of cellulite. A relaxing Swedish massage follows using the customized essential oil blend of your choosing, along with herbal infused hot towels and a hydrating Hand & Foot Wrap.

$185/80min $230/110min

Wellness Massage

Baby Bliss Pre-Natal

This massage is tailored to address the changes that occur in a woman’s body during pregnancy and provide an overall sense of balance and calm to the expectant mother. Soreness and fatigue is alleviated where it is most needed, and bolsters and pillows are incorporated for ultimate comfort.

$115/50min $155/80min

Therapeutic Massage

Deep Tissue

Tailored to your specific bodily demands, this massage accesses the deep layers of tissue in order to restore function, increase range of motion and flexibility, and/or treat a specific injury or chronic pain area. Along with advanced bodywork techniques, this session also includes a heated neck pillow and hot towels to aid in deep muscle tension relief. For full body attention, an 80-min session is required, as deep tissue massage is performed more slowly to allow for muscle holding patterns to release.

$125/50min $170/80min $225/110min

Therapeutic Massage

Essentia Express (25 min)

This focused session is designed for the daily desk warrior. Each 25-min massage will incorporate a therapeutic, deep tissue approach to alleviating chronic muscle tension in the upper back, neck/shoulders, and arms. Reducing strain on these areas can also significantly reduce headaches and migraines. The perfect session for the busy commuter looking for quick, but reliable and advanced bodywork.




Boost the therapeutic benefit of any massage by adding CBD massage cream by Vital Body Therapeutics to your session. This cream is highly beneficial in aiding sleep, calming the nervous system, soothing skin, and treating pain and inflammation. 

Learn more about CBD.




Choose one of twelve incredible essential oil recipe blends from our Body Bliss Design Aroma Bar. You and your therapist will together create the perfect blend to be incorporated into your massage cream. Arrive 10 minutes early to choose your customized blend!



Seasonal Hand and Foot Wrap

Herbal infused hot towels and heated hand mitts are combined with our seasonal selection of moisturizing Hand & Foot creams to bring relief to tired, dry hands and feet.


Due to increased online booking, all appointments booked online are subject to a 15-30 minute adjustment. Should an adjustment be necessary we will contact you.

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