Featured Therapist: Meet Poppy!

1. What sparked my interest in Body Work?
    My interest for Bodywork started very young, when I recognized that physical pain causes mental and emotional distress. When my grandmother was afflicted by her arthritis on a bad day she would move sluggish, her eyebrows furrowed, and she’d have this invisible weight on her shoulders. I was eager to want to help in anyway I could. She was my very first client. I’d sit at her feet and very gently rub her knees. The gentle massage reinvigorated her, she’d have more energy, and the weight I saw her carrying would lift. I have worked on my techniques for Arthritis Massage since!
2. What is my favorite part of being a massage therapist?
    My favorite part of being a Massage Therapist, is helping my clients find relief. Relieving Physical symptoms can help facilitate better wellbeing in the Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual aspects of life. When I help facilitate healing for my client I know they get to return to their life feeling better, which directly improves their relationships with their loved ones and colleagues. 
3. What do I consider my specialty as a Massage Therapy?
    I would consider my massage specialty what I call, Open Flow Energy Massage. On my table, you will get to experience a slow beginning as I explore the way your body holds tension, and what kind of pressure and technique your body responds to best. Deep breathing through the massage helps the energy flow throughout your body. Tuning into this flow of energy allows me to sense blocks and trigger points that can be the catalyst to unresolved muscle tension. Everything is connect. 
4. What is my ultimate goal as a Massage Therapist?
    My Ultimate Goal as a Massage Therapist is to share my knowledge and healing with anyone ready to help themselves. We live in a beautiful world, and we make it as we go along. I believe sharing generous healing and kindness can heal Minds and Hearts as well as Bodies. I am here to help you; making this world a better place one person at a time.